Free Cycling Coaching Offer

Free Cycling Coaching Offer

Welcome to my free cycling coaching offer. This is part of my Level 3 British Cycling Road and Time Trial coaching course. Within the learning program, I need to work with two riders over a number of months. As a result, I will plan and prescribe a cycling coaching program to help each rider progress from their current level.

Peter Tompkins Free Cycling Coaching Offer
Peter Tompkins Free Cycling Coaching Offer

Who can apply for the free cycling coaching offer?

The free cycling coaching offer is open to riders of 18 years or older, male or female. There are a number of options on your current events. You can be a competitive road rider in any category. You can be riding endurance or sportive events. And you can be riding time trials with events during the remaining part of the season. Unfortunately I will not be working with any track riders during this period of learning.

What is the ideal rider to coach?

In terms of technology use it would cover some or all of the following. The Garmin Connect app for heart rate levels and power curve data. A single sided or dual sided Power Meter on the bike. And the Training Peaks app to collate all the data. Strava can be useful for some data. While I do appreciate that all of the above is not likely to be in use for all riders. I am open to work with other cycling related technology. And of course, riders who currently do not use these apps or a power meter.

Background information

By way of background, I started my cycling coaching journey with Cycling Ireland. I started off with my Foundation level and Level 1 coaching qualifications in Ireland. Following my move to Jersey in the Channel Islands from Dublin, I continued my coaching with British Cycling. I was fortunate to complete my Level 2 Coaching qualification here in Jersey. And then I completed my Level 2 Road and Time Trial specific qualification at an amazing closed circuit track at Fife Cycle Park in Scotland, one freezing spring weekend.

British Cycling Level 2 Road and Time Trial Coaching Course

With the ongoing pandemic, British Cycling have moved their cycling coaching courses online. As a result, part of this program involves a series of online videos. This in turn is followed up with Zoom classroom sessions. I am currently 3 months into the 9 months program. The course starts to get really interesting now with the practical side of the program. But of course, it will be carried out remotely and under the latest Covid-19 guidelines.

Apply now for the free cycling coaching offer

If you are interested in putting your name forward for consideration then please sign up below:

What happens next?

Once you have signed up for the free cycling coaching offer, I will then email you a “Rider Profile form”. Please complete with your details and cycling related information. Following the return of this key document, I will then select a number of riders for consideration, subject to the number of applications received. I will then prescribe a specific training session for completion and review.

Ongoing regular feedback is a key part of this process on both sides. I need to complete relevant paperwork for submission and review on a regular basis. So with the riders that I work with, I will require weekly feedback on your training via email or Whats app. And a monthly call to plan the training program or adjust due to any changes.

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This content was first published on 22 June 2021.

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