Wicklow 200 Training Tips Autumn top 5 to use

Wicklow 200 training tips – Autumn

Here are 5 of my top Wicklow 200 training tips this Autumn that will help you focus on the road ahead and consider some new ways to get you to the finish line. Its not about winning or losing but your journey in getting there.

  1. Rest Period
  2. Select Your Events
  3. Book Your Events
  4. Bike Maintenance
  5. Adjust on Bike Nutrition

Top 5 training tips – Autumn 

Wicklow 200 Training tips for Autumn on the Wicklow mountains in Ireland with Nicholas Roche and Philippe Gilbert
Photo by Karen M. Edwards

Wicklow 200 Training Tip 1 – Rest Period

You should consider taking a rest period. Depending on how long your season has been and the number of events, a minimum period of one week to two weeks is recommended. You could combine this rest and recovery period with your annual holiday to the sun, if possible. As a result, you will completely recharge the batteries for next season.

Bonus tip – At the very least, you should aim to take 2 full weekends off training and enjoy the extra weekend free time.  

Wicklow 200 Training Tip 2 – Select your events

Start to consider your goals for next season. When you select your main sportive event for next season e.g. Wicklow 200 or Wicklow 100, you should also consider how your build up to this event is maximised. After that, what are the events that you want to ride in preparation for the big day out in the Wicklow mountains? The Wicklow 200 training tips for Autumn are just the first set of stepping stones for the months ahead.

Bonus tip – Pick some events that will progress your distance over the spring. Subsequently, add to your total metres of climbing for your big event of the year and sign up below for my free Wicklow 200 Training Plan.

Training Tip 3 – Book your events

Book your entry as soon as the process open. Therefore, without a realistic goal and a place booked, you will not focus and continue to push to achieve your training goals over the coming weeks and months.

Bonus tip – A copy of your event entry can be strategically placed near your turbo or smart trainer for extra motivation. Read my blog post on Wicklow 200 Training Plan and get your free training plan.  

Wicklow 200 Training Tip 4 – Bike Maintenance

Always clean your bike and update necessary parts and components e.g. bar tape, brake blocks, cables, tyres. Never ever take your bike maintenance for granted. Getting a puncture on old tyres that you should have changed 6 weeks ago, in the cold rain on the way home into a headwind, is never much fun.

Bonus tip – Make use of your local bike shop to maintain your bike. That way, you will get the expertise of a top mechanic and you never know when you might need that expertise in a hurry, maybe even the night before an event next season. For me, this is my most important and key tip.  

Training Tip 5 – Adjust on bike nutrition

Adjust your long endurance road training nutrition. Event day nutrition does not need to be the same at this time of year. Therefore, gels are not required out of season. You should look at other options to fuel your training ride. One of my favourites for a simple sugar hit, is a Turkish Delight. But I do always keep one gel safe for “just in case” emergencies.

Bonus tip – Always make sure you check the expiry date on this gel! And you can just picture your reaction when having to down a gel thats 6 months out of date. Check out this blog post on nutrition.

This post was first published on 24 December 2019.

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