Are Veloflex tyres really the best on the market?

Are Veloflex tyres really the best on the market?

On a recent online twitter chat with the #ukcyclechat team and followers, I was contributing to a chat on what tyres you use and why. From my cycling experience, there was only one set of tyres to consider in my opinion – Veloflex tyres. I have used them on my bike for over 8 years now.

I switched to using Veloflex tyres following a recommendation from a multi-National Irish track champion, Brendan Whelan. Brendan is the owner and chief designer at the Bicycle Design Centre in Kildare, Ireland. Brendan had been using Veloflex tyres for many years when he gave me the great advice. At the time he was riding at the highest level in Ireland. He was a Senior A rider (UK equivalent 1st Category), even in his early forties and winning regularly on these tyres.

Veloflex Corsa tyres and Veloflex Master tyres

Legend has it, the Veloflex company based out of Italy was formed by two former employees of the Vittoria brand. Any cyclist from the 80’s or 90’s will remember that every single spare tube you ever had, was made by Vittoria.

The current types of Veloflex open tubular tyres on sale in the UK and Ireland are:

Veloflex Master clincher folding road tyre
Veloflex Corsa clincher folding road tyre
Veloflex Corsa tyres and Veloflex Master tyres
Veloflex tyres
Especially relevant are the sizes which range from 23mm to 25mm for the tyres but I run the 23mm tyres for training and sportive events. In recent years a lot more riders (80kgs+) have started using the wider 25mm tyres for greater comfort in sportive events or for winter training so make sure you check the clearance on your frame to make sure they will fit once inflated.

Veloflex tyre reviews

Once you put on a pair of Veloflex tyres you will instantly notice the quality. They offer incredible grip when cornering, whether in the dry or wet. The incredible rolling resistance will mean you never pick a different tyre again. The anti-puncture layer works so well, as I can vouch for, with just one puncture in the last three years. Weighing in at 195g, you get an incredible tyre that also takes up to 10 bar in pressure.

Sportive riders in the UK and Ireland can buy veloflex tyres online from Wiggle or Probikekit. Both of these online cycling retailers also have a great reviews section from fellow cyclists around the world. Read what fellow cyclists are saying about these amazing road tyres and don’t just take my word for it:

Veloflex Master Reviews

Veloflex Corsa Reviews

Pro Tip: When buying the tyres, you should buy two or four tyres together. Watch out for when they are on sale, as prices can vary. Having two tyres maturing in your garage might be old skool but useful and time-saving.

Veloflex Master tyres
Veloflex Master tyres on Mavic wheels
In conclusion, you really have to try out the Veloflex tyres to understand just how amazing they are.

Peter James Tompkins

Cycling Coach

This article was published on 30 March 2017. And updated 4 November 2017.

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